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Guidelines for submission of Trip reports

Your Trip Reports are always welcome. Here are a few guidelines which would help me greatly in processing them. Thanks.

1. Please use Comic Sans MS font - Size 12pt if you have it.

2. Highlight birds seen in RED and do not put bird names in all lower case letters eg. house sparrow = House Sparrow.

3. Please write the word for the numbers 1-10 eg. 7 = seven.


List of old reports archived at the bottom.


Africa & The Middle East

Cape Verde        

Boa Vista, Cape Verde November 2014   by Mike & Bridgette King

Boa Vista, Cape Verde April 2013   by Mike & Bridgette King

Sal Island, Cape Verde June 2007  by Rob Miles


Ethiopia February 2006   by Duncan Dine


Gambia February 2012   by Mike & Bridgette King

Gambia November 2010 by Mike & Olly Fox

Gambia April 2008   by Chris Stillman


Jordan January 2008   by Ian Tew

Jordan October 2005   by Duncan Dine


Northern Morocco October 2007   by David Pearce  

Southern Morocco January 2007   by Ben Macdonald    

Southern Morocco April 2004   by David Pearce


Namibia February 2004   by Philip Pope


Oman November 2007   by Mike Cram, Dave Lewis and Neil Tovey


Seychelles September 2004   by Gerry Shilham

South Africa       

Western Cape September 2007   by Steve Dark & Jeremy Squire

South Africa Cape Birding 2003   by Philip Pope


Uganda May 2008   by Steve Dark

United Arab Emirates      

Dubai May 2012   by John Overfield




Cambodia - October 2015   by Jennifer Rogers


China - May 2004   by Gordon Hodgson


Japan - Feb/Mar 2012   by Jennifer Rogers


Kazakhstan - May 2005   by Phil Pope


India January/February 2001   by Steve Dark

Sri Lanka      

Sri Lanka 02/13 by Phil Pope

Sri Lanka January/February 2005   by Steve Dark


Thailand February 2009   by Phil Pope 

Thailand February/March 2003   by Gruff Dodd 



Australia & New Zealand          

Queensland - May 2011   by Jennifer Rogers

Lord Howe Island - Mar 2009   by Duncan Dine

Australia & New Zealand - Nov 2008   by Pam & Frank Bryant 

The Gloster Birder World Tour - Jan 2009   by Mike & Bridgette King 

includes New Zealand, California & Hong Kong


Belgium & Holland           

Belgium & Holland June 2006  by Andrew Bluett

Belgium May 2003  by Mike King



Spurn September 2009   by Tom & Greg Mabbett

Isles of Scilly October 2008   by Mike King  

Isles of Scilly October 2007   by Mike King

East Anglia October 2006   by Frank & Pam Bryant

Isles of Scilly October 2006   by Mike King

East Devon Feb-March 2006   by Frank & Pam Bryant

Norfolk June 2002   by Colin Butters

Outer Hebrides May 2002   by Gordon Hodgson


Ardnamurchan May 2011   by Richard Smart

Scotland June 2006   by Rob Miles

Scotland March-April 2006   by Frank & Pam Bryant


Wales May 2006   by Frank & Pam Bryant


Bulgaria May 2000  by Dave Pearce


Croatia September 2012  by Mike & Bridgette King


Cyprus update March 2009  by Bob Shiret    

Cyprus April 2008  by Bob Shiret  

Cyprus Contact  Bill Attwood 


Finland June 2006  by Richard Tyler & Dave Pearce

Finland June 2005  by Mike King 

Northern Scandinavia June 1998   by Gruff Dodd 


French Alps May 2007 by Mike King

French Alps August 2006 by Andrew Bluett

Corsica Aug/Sep 2006  by Ben Macdonald     

Bay of Biscay Pelagic August 2006   by Frank & Pam Bryant  

Northern France June 2006  by Ben Macdonald

Champagne-Ardennes November 2005  by Martin McGill 

France and Spain August 2005  by Ben Macdonald 

Northern France June 2002  by Mike King

Aisne and Northern France August 2001    by Mike King

Brittany April 2001   by Mike King

Northern France May 2000  by Mike King    

Western Loire May 1999  by Mike King        

Brittany May 1998  by Mike King


Lesvos May 2009   by Mike Fox, Sean Murphy and Colin Murphy

Lesvos May 2009   by Paul Aubrey

Samos May 2006   by Terry Fenton

Kos May 2005   by Dave Pearce

Lesvos May 2004   by Terry Fenton

Northern Greece May 2003   by Dave Pearce

Halkidiki August 2002  by Andrew Bluett

Hungary & Romania       

Hungary & Romania April 2002   by David Pearce


Lake Garda May 2009   by Bob Shiret     

Pescasseroli September 2008   by Bob Shiret     

Tuscany August 2007   by Paul Masters


Nordic Adventure June 2009  by Pam & Frank Bryant 

includes Iceland ,  Faroes   and Scotland


Portugal February 2013  by Roger Wasley

Portugal November 2007  by Gordon & Margaret Avery

Portugal April 2007  by Mike Fox & Sean & Colin Murphy

Portugal February 2006  by Graham Watson

Portugal August 2005  by Graham Watson

Portugal August 2003  by Mike King  

Portugal May 2003   by Andy Jayne & Mo Croose

Portugal April 2002   by Andy Oliver

Portugal September 1999  by Gruff Dodd 


Slovakia May 1998   by David Pearce

Spain, Balearic Islands & The Canary Islands    

Birding the Coto Doņana & the Doņana Birdfair 2015 by Mike King

Barcelona August 2011  by Mike & Bridgette King  

Extremadura April/May 2008  by Mike Fox, Sean Murphy and Colin Murphy  

Southern Spain January 2007  by Pam & Frank Bryant

South East Spain December 2006  by Pam & Frank Bryant

Southern Spain June 2006  by Mike & Bridgette King

Southern Spain April 2004   by Greg Anderson

Costa del Sol September 2003  by Andrew Bluett

Southern Spain April 2001  by Mike King

Northern Spain April/May 1999   by Dave Pearce


Mallorca August 2007  by Mike King 

Mallorca October 2006  by Dave Pearce 

Majorca May 2006  by Mike Fox

Majorca October 2005  by Rob Miles

Menorca May/June 2004  by Andrew Bluett


Fuerteventura Nov 2011  by Mike & Bridgette King  

La Palma April 2008  by Rob Miles  

Fuerteventura Nov/Dec 2007  by Bob Shiret


Lanzarote December 2005  by Dave Pearce

Lanzarote August 2005  by Mike King

Fuerteventura February/March 2005  by Dave Pearce

Tenerife Oct/Nov 2001  by Mike King


Northern Scandinavia June 1998   by Gruff Dodd 

Sweden Summer 1995  by Mike King  


Switzerland June 2004   by Duncan Dine


Turkey May 2008   by Bob Shiret     

The Americas  


Brazil October 2013   by Duncan & Becky Dine

Brazil Sep/Oct 2013   by Tony & Elizabeth Butler


Dominican Republic May 2015   by Mike & Bridgette King

Belize July 2013   by Mike & Bridgette King

Trinidad & Tobago February 2013   by Peter Rodgers

Lesser Antilles December 2012   by Rob Miles

Jamaica February 2012   by Peter Rodgers

St Lucia August 2003   by Gerry Shilham  

Grenada June 2002   by Gerry Shilham                      


Chile November 2002   by Gruff Dodd 

Costa Rica       

Costa Rica March 2011  by Mike & Bridgette King  

Costa Rica February 2010  by Mike & Bridgette King  

Ecuador & Galapagos       

Ecuador & Galapagos Summer 2002   by Philip Pope


Mexico May 2014 by Mike & Bridgette King  

Mexico November 2002   by Steve Dark


Canada & Alaska June 2012   by Mike & Bridgette King


Arizona April 2012  by Phil Pope 

Arizona February 2007  by Mike King 

Colorado April 2011  by Philip Pope & Phil Hyde


Florida May 2010  by Mike & Bridgette King 

Florida February 2008  by Mike King 

Florida March 2006  by Philip Pope  

Florida October 2004  by Mike King  

Florida October 2002  by Mike King  


Western U.S.A. Texas, Arizona & California May/June 1994  by Philip Pope 


Canada & Alaska June 2012   by Mike & Bridgette King

Canada & Alaska May/June 2010  by Pam & Frank Bryant

Point Pelee May 2010  by Phil Pope 

Saturna Island May 2008  by Phil Pope 

Southern Ontario May 2006  by James Lees

The following reports have been archived for reasons of space and are no longer available on-line but I can email them to you on request:

*    Gambia November 1998 by Gruff Dodd (filename Gambia1998.htm)

*    Pelagic August 2000 by Mike King (filename 200800.htm)

*    Pelagic August 1999 by Mike King (filename 150899.htm)

*    Norfolk June 2002 by Colin Butters (filename Norfolk0602.htm)

*    Lesvos May 2003 by Terry Fenton (filename Lesbos0503.htm)

*    Lesvos September 2002 by Terry Fenton (filename Lesbos0902.htm)

*    Lesvos August 2002 by David Owen (filename Lesvos.htm)

*    Lesvos April 2001 by Dave Pearce (filename Lesbos0401.htm)

*    Mallorca July/August 2001 by Andrew Bluett (filename Majorca2001.htm)

*    Mallorca April 1997 by Mike King (filename Mallorca.htm)